• Air Quality Monitor revisited: LoPy4 and the custom PCB

    It's been a while since I deployed the WiPy-powered air quality monitor on my balcony. I have since replaced the microcontroller with a LoPy4 to enable LoRa connectivity, and I switched to a custom-made PCB.
  • Project: Build Button

    Accidentally inspired by my colleagues during a casual chat, I developed the the ESP32-powered Bluetooth Low Energy button that triggers shell commands on a Mac.
  • Reducing tech debt in Base iOS app: Part 3 – automation

    Base iOS client version 3.5.2 is a build number 2259. Base 2.3 from January 2013 was a build number 270. Roughly 2000 builds in 5 years means roughly 8 builds every week, and if you won't optimize it to be a streamlined task, it can become a painful experience.
  • Reducing tech debt in Base iOS app: Part 2 – build time

    If I told you Base iOS client takes around 3.5 minutes for a clean build on a decent MacBook Pro (Mid 2015) you would probably say it's not that bad, considering around 2000 classes and 30+ cocoapods. However, since we haven't ever worked specifically on build time optimization, we surely could do something to cut it down a bit.
  • Reducing tech debt in Base iOS app: Part 1 – warnings

    Have a read to get a grasp of what can happen when you work hard on new features and limit maintenance work to bug fixes.