• FontEdit - a custom font editor for LCD, LED and E-Paper displays

    Here's the app I've been working on past couple of weeks. It allows you to import a system font, edit it according to your needs and export as a byte array suitable for use in embedded systems.
  • Adding custom fonts to E-paper Display

    It's a long overdue post, but my real life kicked in heavily last summer and I couldn't get back to working on a blog until now. Read on for the writeup on a tool to convert png images into font definition files.
  • Track-ing weather on a velodrome

    A friend of mine, Piotr Klin, will attempt breaking the cycling hour record. Here's how I helped him nail down the start time by measuring air density on the velodrome.
  • An efficient MicroPython library for E-Paper Display

    This time porting Python code to MicroPython wasn't only about fixing syntax and API. It turns out that for the e-paper display library that uses relatively big amounts of data at once, you have to sweat a bit more to get satisfactory results.
  • My first LoRaWAN app​

    This is a story of how I got the air quality sensor to transmit its data via LoRa, from the balcony of my flat, over LoRaWAN nano-gateway to TTN router in the Netherlands, then to my relay server elsewhere in Europe, and to the database on the Raspberry Pi in the living room of the same flat. (Not) just because it can™.