• FontEdit 1.1.0 - partial font exporting

    In the new release of the FontEdit app you get the ability to export only the characters of the font that your system requires. A life-saver in heavily memory-constrained environments.
  • FontEdit - a custom font editor for LCD, LED and E-Paper displays

    Here's the app I've been working on past couple of weeks. It allows you to import a system font, edit it according to your needs and export as a byte array suitable for use in embedded systems.
  • Adding custom fonts to E-paper Display

    It's a long overdue post, but my real life kicked in heavily last summer and I couldn't get back to working on a blog until now. Read on for the writeup on a tool to convert png images into font definition files.
  • Track-ing weather on a velodrome

    A friend of mine, Piotr Klin, will attempt breaking the cycling hour record. Here's how I helped him nail down the start time by measuring air density on the velodrome.
  • An efficient MicroPython library for E-Paper Display

    This time porting Python code to MicroPython wasn't only about fixing syntax and API. It turns out that for the e-paper display library that uses relatively big amounts of data at once, you have to sweat a bit more to get satisfactory results.